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Is Grand Lotus the best banquet hall in Kharghar?add

Yes, the Grand Lotus AC banquet halls offer all services related big or small event under one roof and has won awards for its exceptional service and food.

Which are the top banquet halls in Kharghar?add

The Grand Lotus banquet halls have two spaces i.e Prime and Fiesta banquets, both are among the top banquet halls in Kharghar.

Are corporate events hosted at Grand Lotus Banquet hall?add

Yes, numerous corporate events like seminars, training programs, and examinations are conducted at Grand Lotus banquets. It is one of the best banquet halls for corporate events, conference venues, and for small office get-togethers.

How many guests can the Prime marriage hall in Kharghar accommodate?add

The Prime marriage hall can accommodate around 700 guests.

Is Fiesta a luxury banquet hall in Kharghar?add

The Fiesta and Prime banquet halls in Kharghar are newly renovated and are among the best luxury banquet halls in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Which is a good birthday party hall in Kharghar?add

Fiesta banquets at Grand Lotus banquet hall has organized many birthday party celebrations and school reunion get together parties of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Grand Lotus and Lotus banquet hall in Kharghar are the same?add

Grand Lotus Banquet is a newly renovated banquet hall with completely new management at helm.

How many event spaces are there in Grand Lotus Banquets?add

We have have two banquet halls in Grand Lotus
a) Prime Banquet Hall
b) Fiesta Banquet hall.

Is this a good venue to host corporate events?add

Yes, corporate events, dealers meet and training program can be hosted at Grand Lotus banquets. Guests ranging from 50 to 1000 can be invited at our banquet hall.

Can we host Jain weddings at Grand Lotus banquet hall?add

Yes, Grand Lotus banquet hall has hosted many Jain and Gujarati weddings. We have top notch Jain and Vegetarian catering services at the banquet hall.

Is there any restriction at the venue?add

No liquor is allowed at the venue.

Why is Grand Lotus banquets the best banquet hall in Kharghar area?add

Grand Lotus banquets is a professionally run and an award winning banquet hall in Kharghar. The management has over 10 years experience in event planning and event management. The team at Grand banquets is qualified in hospitality management with an experience of working in 5 start hotels in Mumbai.

How many clients have you served ?add

The Grand Lotus banquets has served more than 1000 clients till date.

What is the cost of booking Grand Lotus banquet hall?add

Grand Lotus banquets has two halls Prime and Fiesta. Prime can accommodate upto 700 guests and Fiesta can accommodate upto 250 – 300 guests. Booking amount is Rs 25,000/- Charges for catering, decorations and any additional services are in addition to banquet hall booking charges.

For a Hindu wedding do we need to bring anything to the banquet hall?add

No, actually you need not. We provide full turnkey management for any function held at Grand Lotus banquet hall from catering, decorations, entertainment and video/photography to make up artist and mehndi. You can, quite literally, just bring the bride and bridegroom and leave the rest to us.

What type of cuisines do you cater at the banquet hall?add

We can cater to cuisines from many countries. We also have specialist cooks for Gujarati, Jain, Maharashtrian, Bengali, South Indian, Punjabi and other Indian cuisines. Let us know what you would like to have on the menu and we will ensure that your guests have an enjoyable gastronomic experience.

Is the Grand Lotus banquet location convenient for people to travel?add

Grand Lotus banquet hall location can be easily accessed by guests from Navi Mumbai and Mumbai.

How is the venue interior?add

The Grand Lotus banquet is newly renovated , it is clean, modern and well maintained.

Is parking available at Grand Lotus banquet hall?add

Yes, there is ample 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler parking space at the venue. You can also avail valet parking services at Grand Lotus banquets.

Can I host a birthday party at the banquet hall?add

Yes, Grand Lotus banquet has a special pricing plan for big and small events.

Do you host Muslim weddings at the banquet hall?add

Yes, the Grand Lotus banquet hall has hosted many Nikah and Walima’s.

Do you have a Muslim caterer at the Grand Lotus banquet hall?add

Yes, we have the best Muslim caterer in Mumbai to serve all types of food.

Can we host a DJ party at your venue at Kharghar?add

School reunion, get togethers, promotion parties have already hosted at the Grand Lotus banquets.

Can we cancel the booking?add

The management will consider cancellation request if done one month in advance. If we are unable to find an alternative booking you will forfeit the entire booking fee.




Sector 35E, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210


Sunday          9am-11pm

Monday         9am-11pm

Tuesday         9am-11pm

Wednesday   9am-11pm

Thursday       9am-11pm

Friday             9am-11pm

Saturday        9am-11pm


+91 98205 54665

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