Indian weddings are known for their vibrancy, attached with strings of ancient culture. The Uttar Pradesh weddings are rich ritualistically and are famous for long hours of celebration. The ceremonies and fun go hand in hand; a clan of guests–relatives, friends and social connections coming together needs a spacious ambience. If one is looking for a great wedding venue with magnificence; Grand Lotus Banquets offers the best AC banquets for any wedding. This wedding hall in Navi Mumbai will fill all the hues of happiness and make any Uttar Pradesh wedding more memorable.

Grand Lotus Banquets deeply understands the meaningfulness of traditions. The décor designed by them purely defines the opulence and grace of the rich north- Indian splendour. A pleasant contented smile will certainly reflect on the faces of the guests while relishing a sumptuous feast of vegetarian food with varieties of traditional and fast-food counters around.

Splendid Style Statements:

Uttar Pradesh’s wedding is indeed incomplete without ethnic clothing. The shimmering lehenga choli weaved with the best fabrics adorns the beautiful bride. The sherwani is all about a royal look with other adornments like pagdi (turban) shehra (veil of flowers) and Jooti (traditional shoes) embellishes the groom with a king look. He even rides a horse, adding a blissful feeling like the Maharajas parading out of a luxurious palace.

The bride is no lesser than a queen, decked from head to toe with ornaments. She looks stunning with a Nathni (nose ring), Benda or Maang Tikka (ornament worn on the forehead, especially on the middle partition of the hair); Sita Rani necklace set designed with an elegant pendant; Haath Phool (combination of ring and wrist bands), Anica Kangan (Bangle designed with stones and Meenakari work) and jingling anklets finally tuning the wedding bells.

Globally one would notice that the Bollywood industry and the western culture takes a lot of inspiration from the bridal and the groom dressing style of North India; depicting rich cultural heritage. New trends keep evolving in the fashion market with a craze for creating better style statements.

Tale of Tradition with Pre-Wedding Ceremonies:

Like any Hindu wedding, even in Uttar Pradesh, matching horoscopes play a pivotal role. Once the marriage is fixed, the first ceremony that lines up is called Rokka. It is interesting to note that the word ‘Rokka,’ is coined from the Hindi word, ‘Rok,’ meaning ‘stop’.

Rokka is an official announcement by the groom and the bride’s family that they have got the right match for their children and have stopped looking for a partner. Rokka is a ceremony for exchanging gifts, jewellery and sweets. Rokka is followed by a tilak ceremony. The bride’s family and close relatives visit the groom’s house. A tilak (vermillion) is applied by the bride’s father on the groom’s forehead, symbolic of acceptance and welcoming him as son-in-law to the family. Mangni (engagement ceremony) follows next. Ring exchange marks the promise of both bride and groom to unite in the bond of marriage.

Mehendi, Haldi and Sangeet:

The Mehendi function has its significance in a wedding in Uttar Pradesh. It is the most precious day, a day before marriage filled with mixed emotions for a bride. Her hands and feet are decorated with designs. It is believed that the brighter her Mehendi glows, it is symbolic of deeper love, affection and care she will attract from her husband and in-laws.

Haldi is an auspicious divine ceremony like any Hindu wedding marking its importance even in the State of Uttar Pradesh. The Sangeet is fun-filled with good music and playing of dholki. Melodious traditional folk songs, dancing and singing follow later on this day.

The grand rituals before wedding vows

Uttar Pradesh weddings usually happen during winters. The wedding rituals are performed at night and come to an end by early morning. The evening that will soon convert into marriage night is filled with observances like Chuda Ceremony for the bride. The in-laws of the bride offer her a red saree or Ghagrachunri and red bangles known as Chuda to be worn at the wedding ceremony. The Chuda signifies good luck for the newlywed.

The groom is all excited for Sehrabandi (covering face with flower veil) and Ghodichadna. In most cases, the groom is seen riding on horseback while his relatives and friends dance while the Baraat (wedding procession) reaches the wedding venue.

A warm welcome is witnessed by the groom and his relatives by the young and charming ladies from the bride’s side. The porches are decorated with flowers. Rosewater and scents are sprinkled while they enter the wedding corridor. This ritual is addressed with a beautiful name – Milni.

Varmala and Saath Pheera:

The Uttar Pradesh wedding begins with the Varmala ceremony. The groom is invited on the stage and the bride is ready and set for the Kanyadaan (handed over to the groom’s family) Garlands are exchanged and this is the time when the bride’s cousins and sisters do Joota Churai (hiding the shoes) of the groom. The groom has to pay a fair amount in cash on-demand to get his shoes back. It is the most fun element filled ceremony of any Uttar Pradesh wedding.

The bride and the groom head towards a beautifully decorated mandap later to take seven holy steps around the fire. This is called Saptadi. The pandit (priest) explains the vows and the couple accept each vachan(promise) of love and togetherness forever in life. The seven pheras are complete with the application of sindoor on the forehead of the bride by the groom. The peculiarity of the Uttar Pradesh wedding is that the sindoor is orange in colour rather than the red seen in most Hindu weddings. This sindoor is brought by the bride’s father-in-law from a temple and it is kept hidden from the public view. Rituals are highly respected in an Uttar Pradesh wedding and this is seen when the bride’s head is covered by her relative, with a yellow cloth, during the sindoor application ritual.

Uttar Pradesh weddings are all about extravagance filled with a flow of emotions. The colour, décor and rituals prove their sheer love for their culture. Come, make your Uttar Pradesh wedding an ever-green experience with Grand Lotus Banquets, a wedding venue at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, that is all about blending culture and rich heritage.